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Magaly Clavier
Magaly Clavier
07:18 11 Aug 22
I really appreciate the transparency and quality of Jimmy's strategies. I felt informed and satisfied with the results throughout the entire process.
Kaye Cleghorn
Kaye Cleghorn
04:52 11 Aug 22
Jimmy did a stand-up job on my website and it already ranks! 6 months into our launch and I can say that my return on investiment has been met.
Ariel Chazanas
Ariel Chazanas
22:38 03 Jul 22
Jimmy has dramatically increased inbound leads for my asset management company. His understanding of the SEO landscape is extensive and very well informed. When I have had issues regarding technical terms and details he has always been extremely gracious with his time and detailed explanations. I plan on using him for my other companies in the near future and HIGHLY recommend Jimmy to anyone looking to improve their SEO.
Jason Westhoven
Jason Westhoven
16:56 02 May 22
Working with Jimmy and his team has brought us a much steadier flow of leads. I have never really pursued online leads but now that I have, we are busier and more profitable than ever.
Super impressed with skills, marketing and integrity of this team. I'll definitely be recommending Jimmy to other companies looking to improve their SEO. Thanks!
Briana Johnson
Briana Johnson
18:14 05 Jan 20
We hired Jimmy for his medical seo services to rank us for disposable scrubs and we're happy with the results.
Louise L
Louise L
17:58 05 Jan 20
I hired Jimmy to do SEO for a plastic surgeon in Miami. He did a great job ranking them for Miami Facelift on page 1 within 2 months.
Ultimate Promotions
Ultimate Promotions
22:19 27 Nov 19
I've been through the ringer with SEOs and their ilk. I have yet to meet anyone like Jimmy in 20 years. I have a very unique product and niche. This is the first SEO that involves me in decisions and allows me to implement changes daily to maximize my budget. I also appreciate his approach in which he triaged the most pressing items and put those into action almost within a week of signing up. The impact has been astounding. My traffic has increased 30% in a month and my leads are up about the same. The best part is we are just getting started. For the first time in about 10 years, I feel like my business has a path to success.
Cecilia Moody
Cecilia Moody
09:43 29 Oct 19
I have worked with Jimmy for several months and did an excellent job creating our website. My business grows through the power of optimizing and improving the conversion of my sites for organic searches. I am so impressed with his knowledge of the numerous details involved with SEO.
Steven King
Steven King
09:54 24 Oct 19
Annabelle Neal
Annabelle Neal
01:08 23 Oct 19
Jimmy Huh created awesome websites for my different locations and got them up and ranking on Google. I absolutely recommend using his services.
John Cannon
John Cannon
11:12 22 Oct 19
Jimmy has done an excellent job of getting us leads from the internet. So, glad to recommend it.
Lily Webster
Lily Webster
01:13 20 Oct 19
Very happy with this guy's work, always on top of things. JH SEO has been helping us with our current re-design as well, which is going great.
William Bennett
William Bennett
01:13 18 Oct 19
Thanks Jimmy Huh! Awesome work!
Martha Welch
Martha Welch
02:32 17 Oct 19
Very happy with this guy Jimmy Huh's work! Always on top of things and When you have questions, he always answers your call and responsive! Perfect SEO consultant for me!
Gordon Hawkins
Gordon Hawkins
03:47 14 Oct 19
We have been working with JH SEO for a few years now. I am pleased with their customer service and comprehensive SEO program for our company. Jimmy Huh has been a terrific SEO Consultant!
Jorge Perez
Jorge Perez
15:17 07 Feb 19
Jimmy Huh’s company provides the best SEO service. Everyone here delivers the most professional and effective device. I highly recommend this to everyone.
Caesar Augustus
Caesar Augustus
06:43 07 Feb 19
Jimmy Huh SEO placed my company on the map! He provides the best SEO services that delivers fast results! They helped my production company get placed on the first page of google within no time and has brought promising leads! Highly recommend!
Brian Wray
Brian Wray
22:46 11 Sep 18
Knowledgeable SEO pro. Highly recommend!

Dental SEO Services

Most people research on the internet when they want to make a dentist appointment. These people are your potential patients and they will probably prefer to visit the uppermost website among many other websites they see on the search engine results page, also known as the SERP. If they can't find the information they're looking for, they can also click the next websites. However, they are very unlikely to click on websites on the second page. Therefore, it is very important to be at the top of the SERP page to reach your potential patients. Nevertheless, optimizing websites to reach your patients requires technical skill, creativity, and time. If you are already busy and do not have enough resources to do so, getting professional dental website SEO services is crucial at this stage.

Why do you need Dental SEO Services?

Since dentistry is a competitive field, it is difficult to stand out among your competitors and get potential patients to choose you. With dental SEO marketing, we can make your website interesting, informative, and readable so that you can rank higher in google search engine results. You can reach your potential customers at a low cost through SEO services for dentists. You can increase your website traffic and your patient appointments by getting a high rank in search engine results.

Why should you choose JH SEO?

As Jimmy Huh Digital Marketing Agency, we love to provide SEO consultancy for the dental industry and we are competitive in this field. Our team which has knowledgeable and professional digital marketing specialists, SEO experts, UX designers, and web developers is experienced in developing digital marketing strategies for dentists. We have optimized our dentist clients' websites to stand out among competitor dentists in search engine results through implementing creative digital marketing and technical SEO strategies so far and we will continue to do so. Also, we are very transparent in providing our tangible achievements, ultimately your achievements, with reports.

Dental SEO Process


Before starting your dental website SEO process, we need to know how your website is. Therefore, by analyzing your website and digital footprint, we can understand your weaknesses and opportunities according to the results of the analysis. Also, we can decide which areas we can focus on through analyzing your competitors. We research the target audience you want to reach and decide how we can improve your website so that you can reach that audience. In this process, we do keyword research and analysis to find proper keywords that can improve your ranking on the search engine results page.


After analyzing your site, we start to create strategies to improve your ranking on the SERP page according to the results that we reach. In our plan that we developed to that you reach new patients, we organize our actions according to a timeline and your resources. Our dentist SEO strategy consists of on-site and off-site optimizations, link building, and citations.

  • On-site optimization:  We renew the architecture of your website by making sure your content is readable, optimizing your titles and images, adjusting error pages, making it mobile-friendly, and increasing loading speed.
  • Off-site optimization:   We optimize your channels such as your social media platforms and generate reviews for your services.
  • Link building and citations:   We set creative strategies such as social media promotions, public relations works, content marketing plans to create quality links for your website and include your website in local, niche directories.


Once we have determined strategies for your SEO dentistry campaign, we will put those strategies into practice. We'll provide detailed reports every month so you can make sure your campaign is successful and progressing in line with your goals.

Benefits of SEO for Dental Practice

  • Gain Visibility:   You can appear in the search engine results when your potential patients do searches about dental treatments such as braces treatment, dental cleaning, implant.
  • Beat Competition:  You can stand out from your local competitors in search engines results of Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • Drive New Business:   You can provide that your potential patients can find you and request an appointment.
  • Increase ROI:   You can increase your revenue by increasing your conversion rate, that is, the number of patients With your dental marketing SEO strategy.

Services We Offer for Dental SEO

Keyword Research


We can see how your potential patients search for dental treatments on Google and how Google gives results for these searches by doing keyword research. We prepare lists of keywords that are proper for your goals using special keyword planner tools. We use these keywords that we listed when optimizing your blogs, titles, meta descriptions, and tags on your website. Thus, we ensure that Google can place your website at the top of the search engine results.

Technical SEO

When Google ranks search results, it cares about whether your website offers a good experience to users. If your page loads fast; if your potential patients can navigate comfortably when they visit your site on both their mobile devices and computers; if they can read your contents easily; if your title tags are optimized, it is unlikely that Google will dislike your website's architecture. That's why we try to make sure that Google sees your website as a website that is worth ranking high in search results. We optimize your internal links, meta descriptions, keywords and adjust your error pages so that google bots discover and index all your important pages.

On-Page SEO

Our copywriters who are experienced in dentistry write fluent blogs that are comprehensive, informative, reliable, and easy to read for your website. Thus, we make your site a reliable information resource for your potential patients. We produce quality content that your customers can share with their relatives and acquaintances and make them want to visit your website again.

Off-Page SEO

It will not be enough to use only on-page SEO strategies to rank higher in the search results. We develop off-page strategies while creating your dentist SEO marketing campaign. We build quality backlinks, which is an important factor in determining that your website is relevant to the topic that is being searched for. We make sure that citations with the name, address, and phone number of your dental office are consistent. We request and develop top lists such as Yelp which is visited by 178 million people per month and is a good resource for dentist reviews, and Google local search.

Content Marketing

After we create content that you can attract your potential patients to your website, create awareness for your brand, and persuade them to make an appointment, we send these contents to the people who registered to your newsletter via email. Also, we adapt them to your social media platforms so that you can reach a large audience from there. Thus, we make it easier for you to reach your patients not only through your website but also through other channels like your social media accounts.

Web Development

We help dentists who do not have a website to do so. We also improve the existing but poorly architected websites which are difficult to navigate with our expert web developers. We develop websites that are mobile-friendly and have a faster loading speed for you. In this way, we help you to rank higher in Google search engine results.

Page Speed Optimization

The loading speed of your web page is one of the important factors that Google considers when ranking search engine results. Pages with a slow loading speed can cause your potential patients to leave your page before it loads. Also, these pages will cause Google to crawl fewer pages of your website because of its limited crawl budget. As a result, your chances of getting indexed will decrease. We can increase your page loading speed by minimizing your CSS, JavaScript, and HTML codes, optimizing your images, and reducing your unnecessary redirects on the page.


  • How long will it take to get results for my dental practice?

    It is not possible to see the results of your dental SEO campaign immediately. In the analysis process, even analyzing your website, examining your competitors, and doing keyword research is a long and difficult process. Determining and implementing strategies according to these analyzes is a long-term process because it takes time to implement the things that Google cares about, such as producing reliable and comprehensive content and building quality links. Therefore, it is possible to see the results of your dental SEO campaign from the 6th month, and after 1 year you can see quite important results. Thanks to our digital marketing strategists, UX designers, web developers, SEO experts, and content producers, we will ensure that you reach your goals quickly.

  • What are some dangers in hiring the wrong SEO agency?

    Although dental SEO services help you to rank higher in Google search engine results, you need to make sure that the SEO agency that you hire is reliable. Some SEO agencies in the market can state that you can see results in a short time like 1 month. However, they may make your site worse than its current situation. There are hundreds of SEO agencies that apply black hat SEO strategies. Choosing one of these agencies will not only cause you to waste your time and money, but may also lower your ranking, put your domain in danger, or get your website penalized by Google. It is also a difficult and time-consuming process to restore your penalized website to turn its original state. These agencies may continue to use old SEO tactics and publish spammy blogs instead of trying to stay up to date and implement new, white hat SEO strategies. In addition, these agencies may apply their strategies to your website, which they apply to each of their customers, without analyzing the status of your site. These agencies that choose to violate Google's guidelines can take your money before starting to campaign and reduce your site's performance.

  • Is SEO for dental websites any different than SEO for non-dentists?

    While SEO services for dentists and non-dental SEO services are the same in theory, they are quite different in practice. Dental SEO services can make it easier for you to have engaging, informative, and persuasive contents that are specific to the dentistry industry. Understanding why your potential patients are searching for a dentist on Google through niche-specific tests allows you to implement a useful and effective dental SEO strategy. Thanks to your dentist SEO campaigns that help you get links from famous blogs that share dentistry articles, you can publish a proper call to action and increase your patient appointments by understanding what your potential patients are searching for on google.

  • Is SEO an ongoing process?

    After we start your SEO campaign, we will constantly monitor your website's ranking and traffic. Also, we will continue to make improvements to your website if it is necessary, because your competitors may be constantly renewing themselves in the process. We may need to work continuously throughout the process so that you don't fall behind your competitors in your region and maintain your top position. We will make it easier for you to follow the process by informing you about the improvements we have made. Thus, in this ongoing process, you will be able to make sure that your website can maintain its top position.

  • Why should I hire a dental SEO expert?

    If you want to reach your potential patients, working with a dental SEO company that is competent in dentistry marketing will allow you to achieve better results than working with an ordinary SEO agency. Although it may seem more convenient for you financially to work with these agencies, they may hide their black hat SEO strategies that they use from you. This can lower your website's ranking and cause your website to be penalized by Google. In addition, dental SEO experts can create content that can influence your potential patients by reducing their hesitations and fears. Hence they can persuade your potential patients to get an appointment from you.

  • How do you measure the ROI of SEO for dental practices?

    Measuring the return on investment (ROI) of your dentist SEO campaign will not be easy since many factors affect your page rankings on search engine results and the conversion rates you receive on your website. However, we provide data that is from your software for you. So, you can see your return on investment thanks to our expertise in this industry. Although it is not easy to determine a monetary value on SEO campaigns created for businesses in the service sector, we provide that you can see the value that your website gains from our effective SEO strategies for dentists.

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