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What is Dental SEO?

Dental SEO or Dentist SEO is the process of having a dental practice's website show up on Google for relevant terms in both organic listings and the Google My Business map pack. The intention of dental SEO is to get more potential clients to the said practice by creating specific pages on platforms focused around keywords that will let users searching for that specific service in a specific location find your practice quickly, easily and in a compelling way.

The reality is dentists need to understand the psychology of their potential clients and how they look for something and what is important. If someone is searching for a general dentist, someone to help with braces (orthodontist), cosmetic dental work or any service, based on how important it is and how quickly they need the service, they will either ask someone they know for a referral, go on a site like Yelp or will simply search on Google.

If I chipped my front tooth and it's in a lot of pain, I will likely just Google "emergency dentist" + my location or "24/7 emergency dentist" because I need someone now. Based on the search, I will probably click on the Google Maps or maybe the ad because I am in a rush:

Let's do a review of what this looks like in a real example.

"Emergency Dentist Los Angeles" SEO Review

Dentist SEO Example

Here you can see the main thing that is showing up is ads (people are bidding on this) and also local Google My Businesses that are as close to vicinity to me as possible. 

This tells us a few things: 

  1. People are making money on this search so people are bidding on the keyword. 
  2. Location and getting to someone that is close by is extremely important. 

So if you were an emergency dentist in the area, you would want to consider running ads and also it is most pertinent that you have your Google My Business show up prominently for all the services you provide within a driving distance of your practice. 

As a local business but especially in the dental field, understanding SEO and knowing how your patients will or are searching is extremely critical to being able to have a strong digital presence to build you leads. 

Dental SEO Takeaways

  1. Do your keyword research. Understand how your users are searching and what are the terms they are using.
  2. Create high relevancy on the platforms that matter (Yelp, Google My Business, your website pages)
  3. Do On Page SEO or create highly topical pages with specific keywords, usually doing 1 keyword per page for your website and updating your Google My Business to showcase the services you offer and where you're located

For more information, check out my dentist SEO page: