How To Add A New User To

Google Analytics 2021

(5 Simple Steps)

Google Analytics is a powerful but confusing tool that many site owners should be using but are not. If you are new to Google Analytics, it can be tough to navigate, and many site owners let that restrict them from proceeding. This guide will explain how to add a new user to Google Analytics in a simple, step-by-step breakdown.


Log into your Google Analytics account.


Find the Admin widget in the bottom left corner of the home page screen.


Click on “property User management”.


Locate the blue circle in the top left corner of your screen, and click to add, then again to add a user.


Enter the email of the new user and select the permissions that you would like to give them. Note: Only give personnel the necessary permissions for your Google Analytics account to maintain control of settings and important changes.

After you grant permissions to the new user, they will receive an email notification acknowledging their new access. There it is - how to add users to Google Analytics in 5 easy to follow steps.

Can I Remove Access?

Yes, access to your Google Analytics account can be taken just as easily as it is given. Whether you accidentally gave access to someone or need to kick a user off, it can be done in a couple of minutes from the same platform that you were just on. Go back to the admin settings of your account, and then to the property user management tab. Once you are there, click the three-dot line on the right side, and hit “remove access”. After you do so, a popup will appear, asking you to verify the decision, to which you will accept. The process is quick, discreet, and does not even send a notification.

Can You Change Access Level?

The process of changing a user’s authority level for a site is simple as well. By going into the property user management tab, you can find the user’s account. Click the three dots and select “View User’s Account Details”. Choose the site (if there are multiple) that you would like to change access to, and click on the desired authorization level.

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