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    Here at JH SEO, my Irvine SEO master plan is especially refined to be highly appropriate for your target market.


    • In terms of competition, businesses in Irvine are on a tight one. In fact, the majority of establishments in the area, regardless of size, are already partnering with digital marketing and SEO companies to establish a stronger footprint online. In other words, the challenge to reach that level of relevance for your target market may have become more intense; white label strategies that used to work before may no longer be enough at the present.

    • Also, all businesses will more often than not need different sets of SEO strategies to digitally triumph. This will vary depending on the keywords used by the business, its nature, location, and target market. That is also to say that the number and kind of content that may have worked for one business may not always work for the other; there might be more images, videos, and other content needed to pull off a thriving campaign. Moreover, there is this thing called identification of the best keywords that can contribute to the campaign’s success. For instance, contents targeting the keyword “Electrician Irvine, CA” will highly likely drive better and more competitively than those targeting the keyword “Irvine Electrician”

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      So What do You Do?

      To be known by Google as an entity for the location and keyword we are marketing for is our number one goal. Here is where we start our Irvine SEO Campaign.

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      On a broad perspective, our SEO program is to inform Google that your business sells this product or service in Irvine or whatever location we are campaigning on. This entails making Google believe that your business is the best option for your value proposition.

      If we look at the performance of “Irvine SEO Consultant” and how it is ranking for JH SEO, the first thing I did was to establish WHO I was, what I do, the products or services I provide, and my current ranking on Google through Google My Business. Through this, Google will treat me as a relevant entity for the SEO product or service I offer in Irvine SEO.

      Considering Google My Business, we begin by understanding your company deeply, including your hierarchical structure, business process, your location, and the products and service you offer. Besides this, we also take into account other essential information about your company, including your competitive landscape, the accessibility of your products and/or services, etc. This is how we strategize and formulate the best SEO campaign, including the ways we can position ourselves to inform Google that your business is living and you are highly relevant for your target niche.

      Irvine SEO Consultant Keyword Example

      We are currently in the works of ranking the keyword “Irvine SEO Consultant” at the #1 spot from its current, 5th, spot.

      I selected the keyword “Irvine SEO Consultant” after thoroughly researching all possible keyword options and their corresponding potential impact on the campaign both on short and long term basis. I decided to target the said keyword as it also mentions “Irvine SEO” in it. With that, my efforts will get to target and benefit two keywords.

      While according to the image, “Irvine SEO” is commonly used by a lot of searchers, I still chose “Irvine SEO Consultant” as it looks like it an give a better return because it is possibly the keyword a user with better search intention will be using.

      Irvine SEO Keyword Review

      After through research and assessment of the keywords, I go next with using a software called CORA. This software will be fetching the top 100 pages that are using or talking about the same keyword. It will also help check the necessary factors and features that are being considered for the provided keyword.

      Aside from websites and webpages, the software CORA also checks the correlative factors that may exist to rank a keyword to the top. The On-Page SEO has become very quantifiable and transparent. This means you might need to have timely updates of content including images and header tags. Generally, this step’s goal is to boost accuracy with the top-ranking pages.

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      Irvine SEO Consultant Roll Out

      Once CORA has generated the reports that I need, I will then be studying them before we proceed to our Irvine SEO campaign’s next step that is to inspect specific On-Page SEO updates. Then based on the results, we proceed to the next step that is carrying out website indexing on Google Search Console or GSC. This is to make Google know that there is a new page on our website. Then, we let it sit.

      Meanwhile, we also formulate the next steps to rank not just each of our web pages but also the entire website to the top.

      Tracking Our Irvine SEO Results and Looking at CRO

      Here is where we close the gaps and do some finishing of the previous step. Here is where Off-Page SEO campaign comes in. It includes running advertisements and having Google My Business optimizations by adding local citations and great content. As we start boosting the rankings through On-Page and Off-Page SEO, we also wish to see an uptick in the business. It can be through contact form submissions on the websites, calls about inquiries, or sales.

      Another way of closing the gap is by going through conversion optimizations. The steps under this will be identified based on revisiting how your page is performing in terms of giving leads and providing potential customers or website visitors the solutions and answers to their concerns and queries. In this phase, we will want to keep our relevance through our content so that our potential market will be satisfied with the answer they have obtained from merely visiting our website, even if that means pushing them to purchase our product or service.

      To pull off this part, content showing email address, phone number, address, and other contact info, and an interactive chat box will be very helpful.

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      Irvine SEO Consultant Off Page SEO

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      Our Off-Page SEO strategy is made to achieve a number of important goals including having other websites talk about us, our business, and our products or services. Here is where the classic technique called back-linking comes in.

      The potential of backlinks was discovered way back when the founders of Google were reading articles. Mr. Page and Mr. Brinn, while doing so, noticed that most of the articles had citations at the bottom part. When they checked these citations, they found out that the cited businesses offer products or services relevant to what the articles are talking about. So then they realized that the simple act of citing a website for a product or service will help immensely in informing the reader that that business is worth checking out for the service or product being tackled on the article.

      Up to this day, as far as Off-Page SEO is concerned, back linking technique is still working great in adding significant weight and value to the website’s ranking. Thus, even if it is already considered an obsolete way, the technique is still relevant at the present. The power of establishing connections with websites that share the same market can be beneficial to the rankings of both. It is like creating referrals indirectly.

      Irvine SEO Consultant Content and Other Steps

      In most cases, other steps that support the SEO campaign include proper preparation of content that can be utilized as an inner link to the website’s homepage. This can be accomplished by publishing articles with topic headers relevant to your main keyword like how we published articles entitled “Hiring an Irvine SEO Consultant” and “Signs You Picked the Right Irvine SEO Consultant”. It can be noticed that both articles mentioned our main keyword. These will help build what our website or page is about, and our website hierarchy eventually.

      Our Irvine SEO Consultant Keyword

      medical seo - pediatrician los angeles

      This is generally my SEO process. However, to cap it off better, my recommendation is that you also run Facebook Ads, Adwords, and the likes to maximize website traffic and lead-to-sales conversion. These will also help boost your relevance to Google.

      Irvine SEO

      If you are planning to enhance or expand your business’s digital presence, search engine ranking, and your revenue in the long run, call our hotline as soon as possible. We are a team of qualified and seasoned professionals that are expert in bringing your digital presence to a better spot. We will be utilizing our knowledge and expertise of the best SEO practices to achieve your online marketing goals.

      Ready to learn how SEO can transform your business? Request a free technical SEO audit today.

      Irvine SEO Business I Work With

      01. Irvine Start-Ups Needing Basic SEO

      01. Irvine Start-Ups Needing Basic SEO

      If you are in the works of starting your business successfully, availing Irvine SEO services will enable you to spend sufficient time focusing and improving your product or service instead of spending too much time trying to invite visitors to check out your business and visit your site. Our team

      02. Small to Medium-Sized Irvine Businesses Needing Advanced SEO Strategies

      02. Small to Medium-Sized Irvine Businesses Needing Advanced SEO Strategies

      If your business is just starting up or it already is medium in size but you are in the process of scaling it, then an SEO strategy is highly necessary. At the core, the types of pages needed to trigger a boost in revenue must be determined. Also, the benefit

      03. Localized Businesses

      03. Localized Businesses

      For local businesses, enhancing the online presence of your business is just as vital as the face-to-face transactions you have with your physical customers. By utilizing Smart SEO practices, your ranking in major search engines like Google will be boosted and your presence will be established in appropriate niche directories.

      04. Businesses Looking to Reach the International Market

      04. Businesses Looking to Reach the International Market

      Before the digital age, going global is mostly impossible for a business. Nowadays, it is just as easy as hiring a good SEO team like ours. If your company aims to expand globally, we will employ market-specific SEO strategies to make this successful. SEO strategies that yield favorable results in

      05. Enterprise Level Businesses

      05. Enterprise Level Businesses

      For enterprise-level entities who have a strong brand and customer base, it is crucial to keep the website relevant with an established SEO platform to ensure a long-lasting success. If you want your business to stay competitive in your field, your website should always be using the latest SEO practices.

      06. E-commerce Businesses

      06. E-commerce Businesses

      Nowadays, e-commerce companies are everywhere. With a huge market, it is exponentially hard to achieve and maintain a high rank in organic searches. Fortunately, our teams are experts at pulling it off. Our Irvine SEO knowledgeable team members can aid in obtaining and maintaining high ranking for your website by

      Work with a Top Irvine SEO Expert

      We take pride in having worked with a lot of businesses based in and around Irvine and being able to offer various Irvine SEO services and strategies that have helped each of them meet their individual goals. All of our SEO services are tailored fit to yield quantifiable results, with an aim on also improving a company’s website performance and conversion rates. This has overall helped us maintain a website’s high ranking in organic search results with all major search engines.

      Technical SEO

      Whereas content marketing focuses on content, technical SEO focuses more on optimizing particular technical areas of your website. This includes ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly, especially now that we are in a digital age where everyone is connecting on the web via their smartphones. Moreover, technical SEO covers ensuring a good URL structure. Mobile-friendliness and URL structuring are two great aspects that search engines look into when formulizing their rankings, so definitely our SEO campaign will start with technical SEO.

      On-Page SEO

      On-page SEO services aim to make your website consistently user-friendly and relevant to the queries your target market keys in on search engines. We do this by optimizing HTML source code and visual content that will not only make your website visually appealing but will also contribute a boost to your website’s rank in organic searches.

      Off-Page SEO

      It is in major search engines where competition is so tight. If you want your business to keep up with the competition, your goal should be to rank on top of these engines. That is where our Off-Page SEO services will significantly come in handy. Our off-page SEO covers link building and social media advertising.

      At the core, search engines are straightforward in returning only results with the most value concerning what their users search for. Search engines take these entities into consideration in forming their algorithms to rank sites. Hence, with a solid off-page SEO technique, e.g. mentions on social media and blog post references that invite new users, you can be sure that your website’s ranking will improve.

      Web Development

      In ensuring your website’s user-friendliness, note that your every webpage’s content also significantly matters. To have a website that is easy to access and navigate not only improves your traffic but will also optimize your website for search marketing.

      Our Web Development services are performed using the best SEO and database management practices. Our team will continuously be on the look-out for ensuring that your site remains user-friendly and that every query is answered quickly.

      Page Speed Optimization

      We are now in this age where everything is desired to be fast-paced. Most of the customers already find waiting as a very inconvenient thing to do, and the same applies to internet surfing. Thus, a slow loading speed will hurt your website’s ranking really bad.

      Google and other major search engines look into websites’ loading speed and compare them with each other in doing the ranking. Here at JH SEO, we very well know that. Our SEO team will utilize a range of tools to audit the responsiveness and speed of your website and get rid of the components that could have been slowing it.

      Content Marketing

      The saying, “content is king”, is very relevant when it comes to SEO. Your content plays a crucial factor in improving your rank in organic searches. It has to be consistent and in-depth. Here at JH SEO, we make sure that your content remains relevant and of high quality. Besides determining the right keywords and phrases that will effectively drive traffic to your website, we also work with a team of writers who produce content that educates and informs your user-base while incorporating your personalized target keywords with a natural tone.