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      Medical SEO Solutions that Work

      Looking to grow your medical business? We can help.

      Establish an Online Presence for Optimal Growth

      In the digital age, most people use the internet to find and review doctors, dentists, or any other health practitioners. By utilizing SEO, your medical practice can increase it’s online presence, attract new patients, and establish itself as a trusted source of information and care for your community.
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      Boost your Search Engine Ranking for Increased Visibility

      Let’s face it—in today’s busy world, potential patients don’t have the time to spend scrolling through multiple pages of search engine results. Consequently, if your site lacks a high search engine ranking, you’re giving away business to the competition. By improving your search engine ranking, you can increase site traffic, grow your patient base, and increase revenue for your business. Our team will implement personalized SEO strategies to improve your position on organic search results in the most popular search engines, allowing your medical practice to expand its online presence while increasing your patient roster.

      Take the Time to Focus on Your Patients

      As a busy medical professional, we know the last thing you have time for is keeping up with the ever-changing field of medical SEO. That’s why JH SEO is here to help. Our team will optimize and update your practice’s website with the most up-to-date medical SEO features, allowing your site to achieve a higher search engine ranking and boost in traffic. We’ll take care of the growth while you take care of your patients.

      Is Medical SEO right for you?

      If you’re in the medical field and want to attract new patients and grow your business, we know that our Medical SEO services can help. We partner with all types of medical practitioners and companies within the healthcare industry, including:

      Physical Therapists
      Occupational Therapists
      Speech Pathologists
      Mental Health Professionals

      Nutritionists and Dieticians
      Medical Clinics
      Urgent Care Centers
      Home Health Agencies
      Medical Supply Companies

      Medical SEO - The Strategy

      Our medical SEO strategy is custom designed plan for you and your specific medical practice. With a variety of medical SEO services, locations and search intentions, no single solution or white label strategy can or should be applied to your practice. When considering a plan to drive more leads and conversions to your business, we first want to establish tremendous relevancy for a specific keyword. How that relevancy is established is where the power of medical SEO can be realized.
      The SEO strategy will begin with looking at your business and understanding everything key to you business. Is it a local brick and mortar business? Single location or multiple locations? Or is it possibly an online business? Based on which of these you fall into, we can begin to understand where your customers are likely coming from and how they will search
      For instance, if you are a family doctor located in Brighton, MA, the people who will come to you will likely be people within a 10-15 mile radius as people will not want to drive so far. Based on the location, we can deduce that people will search either with a location modifier (adding "Brighton" before or after the search) or will simply just type in "family doctor" and let Google drive the nearest or most relevant searches.
      We also know that people will need to travel to you so they will likely look for directions to you. This is where Google Maps is a critical player. Over 1/3 of local searches end up with a click on a Google My Business. Even if you are ranked #1 organically, people will click what they see first which will maybe be Google Ads and if not, the Google Maps. Because of this, it is highly critical your Google My Business and your Google Page is ranking in the top spots

      Medical SEO - The Implementation

      Now our medical SEO roll out is on the implementation phase. If we continue on our previous example, we know that if we are a local business, people will search either for the service or the service and a location modifier. It's important then that we have a single page (home page or inner service page) that targets the specific focus area and the location.
      Here we begin to explore what our competitors who are ranked in the top spots are doing and create a strategy built around the SEO they did. If they used keywords in these places or added X amount of words of content, the goal is we align our page as best, if not better, than how the current top spots on page 1 are doing.
      After we do the On Page SEO, we begin to explore conversion optimization. Is our page best set up to give the searcher what they want? Whether it is an address, information, an ability to call or whatever it may be, we are looking to quickly give people the best solution to the problem they have. In our instance, someone looking for a family doctor is probably looking to schedule an appointment. If they are new, we want to make sure it's easy to understand the focus of the page (e.g. Best Family Doctor Brighton, MA), we have a landing page image that makes sense (image of the doctor at Brighton, MA), some validation signals (maybe testimonials or a video) and anything else to make them feel like that business is a good choice. Once trust is established, it's about making it easy to contact or set an appointment.
      While this is happening, we're making sure our Google Maps and Google My Business presence is relevant for what we are doing and have the maps integrated on our page so that people can check easily where the business is located so they can vet their distance concerns.

      Medical SEO - The Close

      Now it's about closing the gap. If there are any ranking gaps, doing Off Page SEO or running ads to show good user behavior will boost rankings and get more leads. While this is happening, Google My Business optimization like adding local citations and adding good content on the Google My Business will help move up the rankings.

      Technical SEO

      Technical SEO

      Technical SEO services aim to optimize all technical aspects of your medical practice’s website, such as URL structure and mobile friendliness. These are two leading factors that search engines use while establishing site rankings. By improving your site’s technical SEO features, your site is more likely to achieve a higher ranking in organic search results.

      On-Page SEO

      On-Page SEO services make your medical practice’s website more user-friendly and relevant to the search query. This not only makes your medical company’s site more visually appealing to potential and established patients, but also helps boost your site’s ranking in organic searches.

      Off-Page SEO

      Search engines want to give users results that provide them with the most value. Consequently, in their algorithms used to rank sites, search engines seriously consider off-page SEO factors like social media advertising and link building. Having a strong off-page SEO strategy will not only increase your medical practice’s rank in organic searches, but will also drive potential patients to your site from blog post references and mentions on social media.

      Content Marketing SEO

      Content Marketing

      Everyone in the medical field knows that the one of the first places potential patients go to find answers to medical questions is the internet. But did you also know that having consistent, in-depth content on your medical company’s site is essential to increasing your rank in organic searches? JH SEO will determine which phrases and keywords will be most effective in driving potential patients to your practice’s site, while also working with a talented team of writers to create high-quality content that educates your patient base while incorporating personalized target keywords and phrases into each piece.

      Web Development

      Since many potential patients are searching for medical care options on their mobile devices, having a mobile-friendly website is paramount to attracting new business. We’ll ensure that your practice’s website is easily accessible to mobile users while also optimizing your practice’s site for search marketing. By employing SEO best practices, search engines will be able to easily scan your site, index your content into their database, and rank your medical company’s site for specific keywords and phrases.

      SEO Page Speed Optimization

      Page Speed Optimization

      In our fast-paced society, potential patients aren’t willing to wait for a slow website to load. What’s more, in addition to affecting customer experience, the loading speed of your site can also affect your search engine ranking. All major search engines measure the loading speed of your site and compare that data with your competitors in order to rank your site in organic searches. Our team will use the most up-to-date tools to audit the speed and responsiveness of your medical practice’s site and then remove any components that may be slowing your site down.

      Who We Are

      Our medical SEO team is composed of knowledgeable and dedicated individuals who are passionate about helping medical practices grow with the help of SEO. As medical SEO is a constantly evolving landscape, we’re here to provide you with the most up-to-date and effective medical SEO practices so your business can continue to attract new patients and increase revenue.

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      If you want to increase your medical practice’s online visibility, boost your search engine ranking, and bring in new patients, JH SEO has the tools and talent to help you achieve your goals. Our highly-qualified team is committed to utilizing our knowledge and expertise of medical SEO in order to ensure that your medical practice gets the best results possible.
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