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You searched "New York SEO", searched and then you landed on my New York SEO services page. Our agency only ranks on Google for "New York" and "NYC" SEO terms because we understand how Google's search algorithm works and the entity building with natural language processing Google is looking for.

With our custom SEO treatment with each account, you'll see the rankings and growth in your business you are looking for. Call, Text or Email for your NYC SEO review and how I can help your business grow.

Watch My Analysis to Rank SEO Terms Locally

Watch My Analysis to Rank
"New York SEO" Locally

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Carolyn Czick
Carolyn Czick
06:48 11 Aug 22
JH provided our business with a truly comprehensive service. He included our writers, social media team, and ensured that we were a part of the flow.
LaTisha Jhonson
LaTisha Jhonson
18:43 08 Aug 22
I decided to step into 2021 with a strong marketing push, so I found Jimmy and started an eCommerce SEO campaign. They're not kidding when you hear that SEO is a long game, but in less than 8 months my site is doing phenomenally. I couldn't be happier with my results.
Allison James
Allison James
05:55 10 May 22
Finding Jimmy's SEO services has really done great things for my local business. We traffic but the conversion rate was next-to-nothing. Now, you can see a clear customer funnel and customers are actually scheduling. Highly Recommended!
Joel Kelly
Joel Kelly
08:28 21 Jan 22
Jimmy is an artist and search engines are his canvas. I couldn't believe that after two years of struggling to rank, he was able to provide the missing components in less than a month. I am highly grateful for his teams efforts and recommend their service to any business who is trying to surpass their goals.
Christopher Patterson
Christopher Patterson
05:28 30 Sep 19
Thanks jimmy huh! Awesome work!
Victoria Page
Victoria Page
23:39 27 Sep 19
Perfect SEO results and he is expert SEO consultant in NY! Thanks Jimmy Huh!
Lynn Golden
Lynn Golden
11:44 26 Sep 19
Thanks, Jimmy Huh! Excellent job and I am satisfied with the outcomes.
Ronald Ferguson
Ronald Ferguson
10:36 25 Sep 19
Matthew Tate
Matthew Tate
00:35 24 Sep 19
I highly recommend Jimmy Huh for SEO projects and he did a great job! Awesome!
Oliver Anthony
Oliver Anthony
00:25 24 Sep 19
Meredith Douglas
Meredith Douglas
11:13 21 Sep 19
I had a Great experience with Jimmy Huh! He has been handling our website edits and SEO for a few years now and has done top notch work. Great work!
Thomas Boone
Thomas Boone
00:45 20 Sep 19
Caroline Fox
Caroline Fox
10:22 18 Sep 19
Jimmy Huh is very professional and an SEO expert guy! I highly recommend him to those who need to improve their website and getting the right customers.
Mabel Lane
Mabel Lane
10:15 18 Sep 19
Sharon Walsh
Sharon Walsh
10:15 16 Sep 19
Peter Harvey
Peter Harvey
13:06 13 Sep 19
Great job Jimmy Huh! Perfect SEO services in NY area and he is very professional and expert!
Anne Hart
Anne Hart
11:33 11 Sep 19
Sharyl Beasley
Sharyl Beasley
00:11 10 Sep 19
I found Jimmy Huh with a google search of my own. We chat over email a few times and now he has been handling all of my New York SEO needs and handled everything to hime to rank our website. They're expert and professional! Thanks guys!
Emma Lyons
Emma Lyons
11:35 04 Sep 19
I want to prove how happy we are for hiring Jimmy Huh | New York SEO Expert Company for our business. They delivered above my expectations and highly recommended to anyone for SEO and web marketing services.

How New York SEO Can Benefit Your Business

SEO and digital marketing are critical for any New York business, as the competition is very high. Google views every industry and location as unique, therefore it requires different strategies for a successful campaign.

Once these strategies are effectively implemented, the benefits include:

  • Increased business growth
  • Increased audience and consumer reach
  • Improves both quantity and quality of website traffic

When performed by experts, SEO can transform your business.

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New York SEO: What We Do

Here’s a look into our New York SEO services and custom workflow:

SEO Introduction.
Our SEO campaigns begin with a thorough discussion with our clients. We explain specifically what SEO is as it relates to your business, and how it will help grow your business and customer reach.

Implement an Itemized, Custom SEO Campaign.
After reviewing the current users on the account to ensure everyone still needs access, find the “add user” button in the top-right corner of the window.


This phase is about closing the gap. One of the things that Off-Page SEO takes care of is running advertisements and optimizing Google My Business with an aim to get more leads and better rankings. As we start to improve the rankings for both, we look forward to seeing the uptick in business whether it is in the form of sales, calls, or contact form submissions.

After the On-Page SEO, we start to explore to optimize conversion rates. We check by testing whether a potential searcher will be satisfied once he or she visits the page and looks for answers. Our goal is to ensure that the information our website returns is relevant to what the searcher is looking for and potentially convert that lead into sales.

Whether it is a phone number, address, or an ability to speak with a representative on how to use the product or service, we provide ways to quickly provide solutions to the visitors.

Facebook Campaigns and Adwords.

While the tracking is ongoing, we might also recommend implementing Facebook campaigns and Adwords to help further boost your relevancy on Google.

At a macro level, our SEO strategy intends to tell Google that you are relevant for a particular product or service in New York (or in another place you seek to be promoted in). However, Google will always look for something that proves why your business is worth checking out.

Considering the purpose of Google My Business, we begin the SEO campaign by thoroughly understanding your business, your location, the services and/or products you offer, the competitive landscape, and the conversion points (how people will be able to choose what you are offering). From here, we formulate what our team can do to position ourselves in ways necessary to get Google to understand what your business is, who you serve it for, and why you are relevant.

Allow Google to Recognize Who You Are and What You Do Represent

Google Considers You to be a Separate Entity Based on The Keyword and Location. This really is the point wherein the New York SEO campaign begins.

"New York SEO Consultant" was among the pioneering keywords that I managed to rank as #1. One of the very first words I learned was to introduce myself to Google through the use of a well-optimized website centered on the term. By creating a page, dedicating it to the term (SEO Consultant), and adding a geographical modification (New York), Google learns that I exist, perform a service, and am extremely relevant to anybody in New York.

Using a homepage as an example, we begin by learning about your organization, its location, the value proposition it offers (services or goods), the competitive environment, as well as the conversion factors because this is going to be how people will purchase, rent or opt into what you are offering. This is how we determine What we're doing to place ourselves differently in order for Google to comprehend who you are, what you do, and why you are indeed important.

Ready to rank on Google?

Phase I of New York SEO On-Page Implementation

Now that our New York SEO plan has been developed, we will move into the implementation stage. Continuing with our previous example, if we are a local firm, we know that consumers will search for the service or even the service plus a location modifier. Therefore, it is critical that we already have a full page (home page or inner service page) that is dedicated to the specific focal region and location.

Now we start to investigate what our top rivals are doing and develop a plan based on the SEO they performed. If they employed keywords in these locations or added X volume of material, the aim is to match our page as closely as possible, if not more closely, than the present top places on page 1.

Monitoring Our New York SEO Performance and Examining CRO - Conversion Rate Optimization

Now the focus is on narrowing the deficit. If there were any other ranking gaps, using off-page SEO or running advertisements to demonstrate positive user behavior will help raise ranks and generate more leads. While this is occurring, Google My Business optimization efforts such as adding local citations and creating quality content on Google My Business will assist in moving the listing up the results. As we climb the ranks for both, we'll be looking for an increase in business, whether it's calls, sales, or phone number submissions. This is the end goal of an SEO campaign - conversions, not rankings, traffic, or impressions.

What we then monitor is our conversion rate once our rank and traffic grow. Is our website optimized to provide the searcher with the information they seek? We're seeking to ensure that every piece of information that contributes to a searcher being pleased with what they're seeing taking the next step of procuring anything or moving on to something else is a great outcome for that individual, a decent performance for Google, and fantastic performance for us. Whether it's an address, a phone number, and email address, the ability to chat, or the ability to go to our Hot Dog cart and purchase a hot dog, we want to swiftly provide individuals with the best answer to their problem.

Our SEO Professional Team

Our New York group has now become comprised of motivated, skilled individuals committed to assisting businesses in achieving their digital marketing objectives through SEO. As SEO is a constantly changing environment, we're here to supply your organization with cutting-edge, effective SEO strategies that enable your organization to expand consistently and remain competitive in today's hyper-competitive digital market.

Keyword Identification with New York SEO

Identifying our target keywords is a very important part of our on-page SEO process. Through keyword identification, we show Google that your site provides valuable information relating to that specific keyword(s). Videos, photographs, testimonials, and samples of work become things to search for at this point.

During the keyword process, we:

  1. Identify which keywords we want to rank your company for on Google (our goal is page 1, preferably the top five listings on that page).
  2. After we’ve identified these keywords, we use the CORA software to analyze which 100 pages are currently ranking for these keywords. The software has been very helpful not just in reviewing websites but also in tracking factors on sites to determine which correlative factors are identified with helping someone get a leading keyword ranking.
  3. We then use Page Optimizer Pro to examine web pages and other variables to see exactly where we need to place the keywords and variation words throughout our target pages.
  4. Lastly, we use Surfer SEO to optimize your website pages based on entities the Google bots are familiar with and understand.

The above steps play a significant role in helping your business become more on target with the top-ranking pages in Google.

New York SEO Marketing Strategies

We provide a variety of SEO services, all of which have been customized to assist your organization to achieve its unique objectives. Our services are designed to provide quantifiable results, increase your website's engagement and performance, and assist your business in achieving a high ranking in organic search results across all major search engines.

SEO for technical purposes

Technical SEO services enhance particular technical components of your firm's site, along with URL structure as well as mobile compatibility, which are two of the most important elements considered by search engines when determining a site's ranking.

SEO for On-Page

Our team uses on-page SEO techniques to optimize the visual content as well as the HTML source code of your website. These methods make your brand more user-friendly but also valuable to the keyword search, which improves not only the aesthetic attractiveness of your site but also it's rating.

New York SEO

SEO for Off-Page

Search engines seek to present users with the most valuable results possible. As a result, search engines heavily weigh off-page SEO criteria such as lead generation and social media marketing in their ranking algorithms. Not only can a good off-page SEO strategy improve your site's organic search ranking, but it would also increase traffic to your company's website via blog post referrals and social media mentions.

Web Development

While optimizing your organic traffic to your website is critical, possessing a user-friendly website is almost as critical. Not only does easy navigation entice clients and inspire them to invest time on your site, but it also enables search engines to quickly read your material, store it in their database, as well as rank your company's website for targeted keywords.

Optimization of the page's performance

Users in today's fast-paced environment are not prepared to wait for a website to load slowly. Additionally to hurting the shopping experience, the load time of your company's website might have an effect on its ranking. Google as well as the other big search engines evaluate a website's loading speed to that of its rivals and use this information to rank websites in organic search results. By utilizing a variety of technologies to audit your website's speed and responsiveness, our team can discover and eliminate any elements that may be slowing it down.

Marketing Through Content

When it pertains to SEO, the adage "content is king" is 100% accurate. Persistently delivering well-written, in-depth content to your website is critical for organic search ranking improvement. JH SEO will assess the most successful keywords and phrases for your unique business and then include those keywords.

SEO Expert in New York

If you're trying to expand your company's online presence, raise your search engine position, and increase income for your New York company, engage with me to help you succeed. Our highly experienced staff is dedicated to applying our understanding of the most current SEO methods to assist your business in achieving its online marketing objectives.

Work with a top SEO Consultant New York.

Difference of SEO in New York: Competition & Opportunities

New York is more competitive than other areas because of a denser population but also new york related keywords have a much higher search volume. This is why it’s important to utilize SEO services for your New York business.

New York SEO Company: Frequently Asked Questions

How does local SEO work for New York?

Local SEO with our SEO experts works by creating web profiles that are more attractive to prospective customers in your specific area. We can identify which areas you would like to target and then create SEO pages based on those locations.

How do I increase visibility on Google search engines?

We utilize a wide variety of strategic SEO services to increase your visibility on Google search engines (as well as other search engines). Ready to work with the best New York City SEO agency? Book a Free Strategy Session.

What are other terms for SEO services in New York?

SEO services can include On-page and Off-page services, as well as tracking. Other terms for these services are SEO company in New York, New York SEO company, New York SEO agency, New York SEO, New York SEO services, digital marketing, SEO campaign, New York SEO experts, social media marketing, and SEO specialists.

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What is the importance of backlinking?

Backlinking is a highly-effective SEO strategy because it shows Google that your site and web pages are credible in your industry. However, the process of backlinking can sometimes be a tedious process. That’s where our NYC SEO team comes in - we can help your site obtain the necessary backlinks needed.

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