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What is Real Estate SEO?

The first thing that I do with my SEO campaigns is to explain SEO or Search Engine Optimization to my prospective client, and this is the process of boosting the quantity and quality of the website traffic by way of increasing the visibility of a website to various users of a web search engine. The enhancement of unpaid results which is also known as “natural” or “organic” results is what SEO intends to do, and this does not include the direct traffic or visitors and the paid placements being purchased.

The next thing that I do is to explain to my prospective clients how important an SEO campaign is as this should be one of the pillars of their digital marketing strategies because Google even admits that SEO is essential and that you “could” even look to hire an SEO expert for your business.

The user or the searcher and Google are the two entities that we are managing as this is the core of Search Engine Optimization by gaining an understanding and servicing of those two entities mentioned. If you look at it from a user perspective, the topic that the user is searching for and what you should do in order to provide the best content for such use must be the things that you should get interested in. What we aim to provide is to give you the best possible page that will be useful for someone to get the most relevant information to the topic that they are looking into, where their location is (if applicable), and then employing the easiest and clear-cut way for the user to read and interpret at the same time.

On-Page SEO Example for Real Estate Los Angeles

1Title Tag & Meta Description

On the homepage, what you should see are the keywords “Real Estate” and “Los Angeles” being used in the title.

This should also be applied to the description as Google will be bolding relevant keywords like “Real Estate” and “Los Angeles”.

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2On-Page Content

Take a look at how many headers are there as well as how many times that variations are placed for “Real Estate” and “Los Angeles” in the paragraph, content, pictures, or videos on the page itself. The usage of keywords in this type of on-page content will enable Google to start to determine what this page is all about and what this page is significant for.

3 Overall Useful Content About The Keyword

Because content is a critical aspect of SEO, we aim that we can make it very clear to Google what the page is about without sacrificing the value of that specific page or website for that particular keyword.

So the videos, pictures, and content about things like real estate agents and his or her qualification, feedbacks, and samples of the work will be one of the many things that will be looked into.

So, if you are a person who is in search of Real Estate in Los Angeles, you will be considering what you want to see on a page that will entice you to call or contact them.

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So What do You Do?

Take note that the niceness of your Real Estate along with the location is deemed as the top option when choosing your Keyword and Location, as this will be the starting point of your SEO Campaign.

When you go into the macro level, the strategy for Real Estate SEO is to let Google think and know that you are something that highly relevant in the industry that you are servicing or providing. This also includes what that something is as well as why Google should believe that you are indeed the best option for such service.

When looking into the Los Angeles SEO Consultant ranking that I performed myself, establishing who I am is one of the first things that I did along with what I provide, where I am located by using Google My Business, and this will now let Google know that I exist and that I provide a service and is highly relevant to those who are either in Los Angeles or near Koreatown.

An understanding of your business, where it is located, the value proposition which are the products or services that you offer, the level of competition in the area, and this includes the conversion points that will tackle how people are going to purchase, rent, or choose the products or services that you are offering are the things that you should take into account when you have Google My Business in mind. The reason is that you will be equipped with the necessary tools in formulating what we can do in order to position ourselves in a prominent way thereby letting Google understand what you are, who are your services for, and why you are relevant.

Real Estate SEO Strategies

The strategies that I employ for my Real Estate SEO are tailored plans that are extremely relevant for your particular Real Estate niche, and this can be proved through my Los Angeles SEO and New York SEO pages that are already ranking and are driving a significant portion of my business leads today.


  • One of the most daunting features of real estate and SEO is the intense competition as there are already a lot of practices that are turning to Real Estate SEO agencies or even to other digital marketers to help them expand their digital presence in a methodical manner. Therefore, there will not be any quick solutions or white label strategies that will just work by themselves.

  • For the second, every niche or keyword, business or region, or business model is completely unique and will necessitate a particular set of factors in order for a campaign to be effective. Everything about you is unique, including the precise Real Estate services that you will supply, where you are located, and how competitive the market in that place is.

  • Unique criteria for a given term in a particular region are being assigned by Google in order to determine the quantity of content usage of keywords, videos, photos, or whatever is being applied in a site that will be changing depending on geography.

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    Real Estate SEO Process Example with my Los Angeles SEO Consultant Ranking

    I am in the process of ranking this keyword, and we will be using this as an example where you can see that it is ranking at No. 5 and we are aiming that it will rank to No. 1.

    After conducting some keyword research and assessing what are the best possible options both in the short and long, the keyword that I ended up with when I started the site about six months ago is “Los Angeles SEO Consultant”. I decided to target this keyword because this already includes the phrase “Los Angeles SEO” thereby making me hit two keywords in one.

    In the image provided, you will see that the keyword “Los Angeles SEO” is getting an increased number of searches as compared to the keyword “Los Angeles SEO Consultant” but I still know that “Los Angeles SEO Consultant” is getting better search intent especially for a person who is in search for someone who would be wanting to hire my services. This is measured using KD or keyword difficulty wherein the rating is 0 to 100, with a higher number indicating a higher level of difficulty.

    SEO Keyword Example Review

    The software named Page Optimizer Pro is what I am using after I do my keyword assessment as this software has the ability to analyze the top 100 pages and be able to look into the features or factors that are being considered for the keyword.

    Web pages are reviewed by Page Optimizer Pro and 880 elements on websites are tracked to identify which aspects are associated with aiding someone to achieve a high keyword ranking.

    This will make On-Page SEO become more visible and quantifiable and this will allow On-Page modifications to become more apparent especially when materials or pictures, or the creation of header tags with keywords are going to be added because this will make you closely on track with high-ranking pages with the search results.

    Real Estate SEO Roll Out

    In order to accomplish the On-Page SEO alterations, we will now deploy our SEO plan line item by line item. The moment that I am done with the deployment, I will then index the website through Google Search Console or GSC in order to let Google be informed that I have a new page and then I just let it sit.

    We will then look into what more we can do so we can improve the ranking of our page.

    Tracking Our Real Estate SEO Results

    Then if there are any gaps, this is where our focus is going to be because any gaps in ranking should be closed and this can be done by running Off-Page SEO or running any advertisements that will demonstrate positive user activities that can aid in raising the ranks and be able to generate higher leads and while this is happening, Google My Business SEO efforts will be adding local mentions and then update the Google My Business page that contains quality materials which will assist in moving up the listing of the results and as we move up the ranks for both, the business should also have an increase either in the form of an increase in calls, an increase in sales, or an increase in contact submissions.

    After doing on-page optimization, we now proceed to conversion optimization wherein we will determine if our website has been optimized to provide the information that the user is looking for. Ensuring that any information will contribute to the satisfaction of the user is what we aim for as this will make them see and take the next step of procuring anything or just moving on to something else and this is a good result to that particular user which is also a good result for Google and more importantly a good result us. The result can either be an address, a phone number, and email address, the ability to chat, or just the ability to drive to our Hotdog stand and buy some hotdog which is all good regardless because we want to swiftly provide individuals with the best answer to what they are looking for.

    Real Estate SEO Keyword Off-Page SEO Initiative

    After we are done with the on-page optimization, we will now look into the off-page optimization which is how websites are going to talk about you. The use of backlinks has been considered as the most ancient factor when it comes to ranking as it dates all the way back to the time when the founders of Google, Page, and Brinn, were doing some readings and in the course of their readings, they noticed that the articles are usually ending up with some citations, and they came to a conclusion that if someone is citing another for just about anything, they must have been an essential part of that topic or piece of information and this led to the concept of backlinks which have developed its weight and value.

    Even during 2019 where most are saying that backlinks are already outdated, the necessity of obtaining backlinks remains essential as the approach involves forming links with webpages, along with contacting website owners that are in your field through LinkedIn or through direct email. And while this seems to be a laborious task, getting a few people to write about you and they also use the term “Real Estate SEO Consultant” or just insert your own keyword whenever they refer to you with a link back to your page and this can make a significant difference.

    Receive Top Real Estate SEO Services

    We are thrilled to engage with a variety of business owners and methods, each of which is tailored to assist your business to achieve its unique objectives because all of our services are meant to deliver measurable results that put emphasis on enhancing the performance of your website as well as its conversion rates and this will let you maintain a top spot in search results all over the major search engines.

    Technical SEO

    With technical SEO services, the focus will not be on the content of your website but on the enhancement of the specific technical features in your website like mobile-friendliness and also the structure of your URL because these two are the most essential factors that are deemed by search engines when it comes to the determination of rankings.

    On-Page SEO

    For the On-Page SEO aspect, the services aim to enhance the relevance and usability of the website of your company and this serves as a response to the search query along with accomplishing it through the optimization of visual content and HTML source code as this will not only make the site more aesthetically appealing to users but will also contribute to the organic search ranking of your website.

    Off-Page SEO

    When it comes to getting a high ranking in big search engines, off-page SEO aspects like social media promotion as well as link building must always be considered. Being able to furnish consumers with the best possible results are what search engines usually strive for and this notion results to factor in their ranking algorithms because having a strong off-page SEO strategy will not only mean that the ranking of your site moves up but it will also deliver additional traffic to your website through social media mentions and blog post referrals.

    Content Marketing

    In the world of medical SEO, you've must have still heard of the expression "content is king," and it's true. If you choose to work with our JH SEO team, we will help improve your position in terms of organic search, and this means that you must also have continuous and substantive content, and all these will be identified by our teams along with the phrases and keywords that will be used in order to make your website successful in generating traffic towards it. Apart from that, we will also be collaborating with a team of content writers that will help develop articles that will engage your audience while organically combining your particular target keywords.

    Web Development

    Having a website that is user-friendly website is as essential as it is of having texts on the page because your website should not be hard to use and must be readily accessible to various visitors and is equipped for optimized search marketing. This means that your website should have the ability to be quickly scanned in search engines, index your material within their database, and then rank your webpage for particular target keywords by following best practices of SEO.

    Page Speed Optimization

    Users in today's fast-paced culture aren't eager to wait for a website to load. Your site's loading speed might influence your search engine position in addition to influencing consumer experience. Major search engines, especially Google, will be analyzing the loading time of websites and then they will compare it with its rivals, this means that the load speed of your page is a good factor to rank sites in terms of organic searches. So to be able to assess both the speed and responsiveness of the website of your company, our SEO team of experts will evaluate your website and if there are components that are causing it to slow down, it will be removed.

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