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    San Jose SEO Expert Custom Strategies

    My San Jose SEO strategies are especially crafted for your target market.


    • First, in this digital age, a lot of businesses based in San Jose already the importance of establishing presence online to reach a wider market more effectively and efficiently. Many businesses in San Jose are already partnering with digital marketers and SEO companies to expand their digital footprint systematically, thereby making the competition in the area far stronger. While this is a good news, the extent of SEO needed has also levelled up; white label strategies that easily worked before may no longer magically work at the present time.

    • Second, every keyword, target market, location, or business is exceptionally unique and will need different set of requirements to turn a successful campaign into actual profit. This means in order for an SEO campaign to work, the right keywords and amount of content, images, and videos will vary from one business to another. For instance, if the keyword “San Jose Plumber” had worked before, these days, “Plumber Oakland, CA” keyword might promise a better monetary return.

      So, what are you planning to do?

      With your keyword and geography, make Google believe you are an organization. This will be the first step of your San Diego SEO campaign.

      Los Angeles SEO Consultant

      Overall, the SEO plan is to have Google recognize and believe that you are a significant player in San Diego (or whatever city you are in). What exactly is that something, and why else would Google consider you to be the optimum candidate for that something. 

      If we take a look at my own San Diego SEO Consultant performance, one of the very first works I did was create a Google My Business profile to tell Google who I am, what I provided, and where I was located. Consequently, Google recognizes my existence, recognizes my ability to perform a service, and recognizes that I am very important to anyone else in San Diego or in the vicinity of Koreatown in San Diego.

      Using an example such as Google My Business, we commence by getting to know your company, its locality, the value proposition you represent (services or goods), the competitive market, and the conversion points you are targeting (how will people purchase, rent or opt into what you are offering). Because that's how we come up with ideas about WHAT we could indeed do to place ourselves in various ways so that Google understands who we really are, what we do, and why we must be relevant.

      San Jose SEO Expert Keyword Example

      Currently, I am in the process of ranking the keyword “San Jose SEO Expert”. Right now, on Google results list, it is at #5. Our goal is to make it #1.

      This keyword was selected after extensive keyword research and assessment while at the same time considering short term and long term effects. I decided to use “San Jose SEO Expert” as it also has the keyword “San Jose SEO” in it. By using the former, I would also be targeting the latter.

      As in the image below, “San Jose SEO” has gained more searches but in terms of better search intention by a potential customer who would want my services, “San Jose SEO Expert” is winning.

      San Jose SEO Expert Keyword Review

      After extensive keyword assessment, I proceed with having a software called CORA analyze the top 100 pages and know the factors or features being considered for the keyword. The software not only reviews websites but also monitors 880 factors on websites to know what correlative factors are identified with helping someone get a keyword to rank to the #1 spot.

      My On Page SEO campaign is guaranteed quantifiable and transparent all through out with timely On Page updates like publishing new content, header tags, or images with keywords from time to time.

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      San Jose SEO Expert Roll Out

      Now my San Jose SEO strategy will launch by ensuring that every line item is geared with the target keyword while facilitating the On Page SEO changes. After doing the rollout, I index the site on Google Search Console or GSC to inform Google that I have a new page.
      While letting it sit, I proceed on other ways to get our page ranking for our page.

      Tracking Our San Jose SEO Results and Looking at CRO

      Now, I continue by closing the ranking gaps. This will be done through my Off Page SEO campaign and ads marketing, illustrating that good user behavior can also boost a site’s rankings and attract more leads. This also covers adding local citations and good content on Google My Business to boost the rankings. While this is happening, ways will also be facilitated to see an uptick in the business, e.g. contact form or sales form submissions.

      Once On Page SEO is done, we proceed with exploring conversion optimization. This includes assessing whether or not our page is already capable of giving what the site visitor/potential customer wants. All the information that is displayed must be relevant to potential queries. Where there is high user satisfaction, Google will also yield good results in favor of our page. Whether it is an email, phone number, address, or a customer support team that can help drive potential customers to our actual business location and buy from our business, the goal is to instantly give site visitors the best solution to their problem.

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      San Jose SEO Consultant Off Page SEO

      gym seo marketing agency

      Also after the On Page SEO, we roll out our Off Page SEO campaign to get other websites write about the business. Also known as back linking, this oldest ranking technique was originated when Page and Brinn, Google founders, were reading articles and observed that there were most of the time citations at the end of every article. The founders realized that simply citing someone for something is an indication that that someone or something is relevant for what is being talked about in the article.


      While the technique is so traditional, it is still proven to be highly effective to date, thus is also applied here in our campaign. We take care of establishing relationships with websites and partnering with website owners that are relevant to your target market; reaching them via direct email or linked in. While the process sounds tedious, just having a handful of other people to talk about your business and write about you by mentioning your keyword and referencing your website with a link can already make a big difference.

      San Jose SEO Expert Content and Other Steps

      While partnering with other websites for backlinks, I will also write supporting content pieces that also link to your main page. For instance, for www.jimmyhuh.com, somewhere in my blog or content, I will tackle topics like “Why Use a San Jose SEO Expert” or “What to Look For in a San Jose SEO Consultant” and link the keyword “San Jose SEO” to my main page. This aids in establishing page content and hierarchy.

      San Jose SEO

      If you are at the moment looking for ways to expand the online presence of your company or even small business, enhance your website rank on search engines, and boost revenue for your San Jose business, work with me and have us take your company to the next level. I have highly qualified teams who are 100% committed to utilizing our expertise and knowledge about the latest good SEO practices in order to help you realize your online marketing targets.

      Ready to learn how SEO can transform your business? Request a free technical SEO audit today!

      San Jose SEO Businesses I Work With

      01. San Jose Start-Ups Needing Basic SEO

      01. San Jose Start-Ups Needing Basic SEO

      If you are working to have your business operate successfully, deciding on investing in our San Jose SEO Services will make that possible. While our team will get that covered, you will be given more than enough time to focus on perfecting your products or services instead of trying to

      02. Small to Medium-Sized San Jose Businesses Needing Advanced SEO Strategies

      02. Small to Medium-Sized San Jose Businesses Needing Advanced SEO Strategies

      Small or medium-sized, no matter the size of your San Jose business or company, we are experts at scaling your business through an effective SEO strategy. Our team of experts can determine what type of pages to expand your growth and boost your revenue in a short span of time.

      03. Localized Businesses

      03. Localized Businesses

      For local businesses, enhancing the online presence of your business is just as vital as the face-to-face transactions you have with your physical customers. By utilizing Smart SEO practices, your ranking in major search engines like Google will be boosted and your presence will be established in appropriate niche directories.

      04. Businesses Looking to Reach the International Market

      04. Businesses Looking to Reach the International Market

      Before the digital age, going global is mostly impossible for a business. Nowadays, it is just as easy as hiring a good SEO team like ours. If your company aims to expand globally, we will employ market-specific SEO strategies to make this successful. SEO strategies that yield favorable results in

      05. Enterprise Level Businesses

      05. Enterprise Level Businesses

      For enterprise-level entities who have a strong brand and customer base, it is crucial to keep the website relevant with an established SEO platform to ensure a long-lasting success. If you want your business to stay competitive in your field, your website should always be using the latest SEO practices.

      06. E-commerce Businesses

      06. E-commerce Businesses

      Nowadays, e-commerce companies are everywhere. With a huge market, it is exponentially hard to achieve and maintain a high rank in organic searches. Fortunately, our teams are experts at pulling it off. Our San Jose SEO knowledgeable team members can aid in obtaining and maintaining high ranking for your website

      Work with a Top San Jose SEO Expert Offers

      We take pride in having worked with a lot of businesses based in and around San Jose and being able to offer various San Jose SEO services and strategies that have helped each of them meet their individual goals. All of our SEO services are tailored fit to yield quantifiable results, with an aim on also improving a company’s website performance and conversion rates. This has overall helped us maintain a website’s high ranking in organic search results with all major search engines.

      Technical SEO

      Whereas content marketing focuses on content, technical SEO focuses more on optimizing particular technical areas of your website. This includes ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly, especially now that we are in a digital age where everyone is connecting on the web via their smartphones. Moreover, technical SEO covers ensuring a good URL structure. Mobile-friendliness and URL structuring are two great aspects that search engines look into when formulizing their rankings, so definitely our SEO campaign will start with technical SEO.

      On-Page SEO

      On-page SEO services aim to make your website consistently user-friendly and relevant to the queries your target market keys in on search engines. We do this by optimizing HTML source code and visual content that will not only make your website visually appealing but will also contribute a boost to your website’s rank in organic searches.

      Off-Page SEO

      It is in major search engines where competition is so tight. If you want your business to keep up with the competition, your goal should be to rank on top of these engines. That is where our Off-Page SEO services will significantly come in handy. Our off-page SEO covers link building and social media advertising.

      At the core, search engines are straightforward in returning only results with the most value concerning what their users search for. Search engines take these entities into consideration in forming their algorithms to rank sites. Hence, with a solid off-page SEO technique, e.g. mentions on social media and blog post references that invite new users, you can be sure that your website’s ranking will improve.

      Web Development

      In ensuring your website’s user-friendliness, note that your every webpage’s content also significantly matters. To have a website that is easy to access and navigate not only improves your traffic but will also optimize your website for search marketing.

      Our Web Development services are performed using the best SEO and database management practices. Our team will continuously be on the look-out for ensuring that your site remains user-friendly and that every query is answered quickly.

      Page Speed Optimization

      We are now in this age where everything is desired to be fast-paced. Most of the customers already find waiting as a very inconvenient thing to do, and the same applies to internet surfing. Thus, a slow loading speed will hurt your website’s ranking really bad.

      Google and other major search engines look into websites’ loading speed and compare them with each other in doing the ranking. Here at JH SEO, we very well know that. Our SEO team will utilize a range of tools to audit the responsiveness and speed of your website and get rid of the components that could have been slowing it.

      Content Marketing

      The saying, “content is king”, is very relevant when it comes to SEO. Your content plays a crucial factor in improving your rank in organic searches. It has to be consistent and in-depth. Here at JH SEO, we make sure that your content remains relevant and of high quality. Besides determining the right keywords and phrases that will effectively drive traffic to your website, we also work with a team of writers who produce content that educates and informs your user-base while incorporating your personalized target keywords with a natural tone.