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      San Jose SEO Consultant Work Flow

      San Jose SEO strategies must be custom designed plans for you and your specific business niche.
      The competition here is as fierce as in San Francisco and many businesses here are employing digital marketers both in house and hired to grow their digital footprint.
      In San Jose there are a variety of businesses, locations but most importantly search intentions, which makes no single solution or white label strategy applicable to everyone.
      The ultimate goal of what we are doing is to establish tremendous relevancy for a specific keyword. How that relevancy is established and thought through is where our Los Angeles SEO strategies differentiate. It's when Google believes you are the most relevant resource for a specific entity and that entity is what people are searching for when YOU get more leads and actual conversions for your business.
      The Search Engine Optimization initiative will start with understanding your business. What is the entity, the business, the value proposition you offer (services or products) and how will people purchase, rent or opt into what you are offering.
      Then it is understanding how Google will identify with the search and identify with you as something relevant for the search when the SEO strategy unfolds.
      For instance, if you own a Korean BBQ restaurant in Koreatown, create a website hyper focused around Koreatown (On Page SEO) and have a local business placement on maps (Google My Business) people are searching for "KBBQ" or "Korean BBQ Ktown" or "KBBQ Near Me" and click you, Google begins to learn; they (Google) understands that a searcher in Koreatown and is searching for "KBBQ", they want to find a local provider for KBBQ. Google establishes you as an entity for KBBQ and will want to show your website and your maps placement for this search. Additionally, these people can search using location modifiers specific to them like "Los Angeles", "Koreatown", "Hollywood" or "Pasadena" and click you and Google begins to learn "KBBQ" or "KBBQ" + a nearby location means they want to find you because they search and click you.
      This is how, or the way people search and the way Google's AI interprets that search is hyper critical to understanding the psychology of both your customers, the machine learning of how Google thinks those people are looking for things becomes aligned and you rank.
      To build on the KBBQ example, people search intention and journey can be different. IF someone Googles "KBBQ" or "Korean BBQ" they just want to find a Yelp or search via YELP as they will want to find a place that his highly reviewed. The search intention for both may be similar but the journey is different and the review and vetting process with it. However, after vetting, they end up clicking to your site or clicking on your maps and thus Yelp is important and can be an important signal to align you with a search for KBBQ.
      So then Google My Business becomes another journey or search intention. Weknow that people will need to travel to you for a localized service, offer or product and thus will likely look for directions to you. This is where Google Maps is a critical player. Over 1/3 of local searches end up with a click on a Google My Business.
      Even if you are ranked #1 organically, people will click what they see first which will maybe be Google Ads and if not, the Google Maps. Because of this, it is highly critical your Google My Business and your Google Page is ranking in the top spots. Again though this points to understanding your customer and what they are looking for.

      San Jose SEO Implementation

      Now our SEO strategy will roll out into the implementation phase. If we continue on our previous example, we know that if we are a local business, people will search either for the service or the service and a location modifier. It's important then that we have a single page (home page or inner service page) that targets the specific focus area and the location.
      Here we begin to explore what our competitors who are ranked in the top spots are doing and create a strategy built around the SEO they did. If they used keywords in these places or added X amount of words of content, the goal is we align our page as best, if not better, than how the current top spots on page 1 are doing.
      After we do the On Page SEO, we begin to explore conversion optimization. Is our page best set up to give the searcher what they want? We're looking to make sure that any information that is relevant to having that searcher be satisfied with what they see and take the next action to procure something or move onto something else since they are satisfied is a good result for that person, a good result to Google and a good result for us. Whether it is an address, phone number, email, an ability to chat or drive to our Korean BBQ restaurant to buy our food, we are looking to quickly give people the best solution to the problem they have. I
      While this is happening, we're making sure our Google Maps and Google My Business presence is relevant for what we are doing and have the maps integrated on our page so that people can check easily where the business is located so they can vet their distance concerns.

      Closing The Gap and Tracking

      Now it's about closing the gap. If there are any ranking gaps, doing Off Page SEO or running ads to show good user behavior will boost rankings and get more leads. While this is happening, Google My Business optimization like adding local citations and adding good content on the Google My Business will help move up the rankings. As we begin to move up the rankings for both, we will want to see the uptick in business whether it is calls or sales or contact form submissions.

      Engage More Visitors and Convert

      Today's high-tech marketplace demands that businesses maintain a strong online presence. The competition is fierce and you need to be able to stand out from the rest. The solution? Smart and effective SEO strategies to drive increased traffic to your website, create new leads, and build meaningful growth to help your online business succeed where others have failed.


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      Enhance Your Ranking in Search Engines

      A higher search engine ranking means greater visibility when users are searching for the products and services that your company offers. As a result, you boost traffic to your site, create more leads, bolster your site's authoritative reputation, and increase sales. This can all be achieved through customized SEO strategies to make your business much easier to find through organic search results on the most widely used search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Better rankings means a stronger and more effective online presence.

      Businesses We Work With

      01. Start-Ups

      Building any business requires a complete focus on the development of your company's products or service. Hiring a qualified SEO consultant to develop your company's online component takes the pressure off of you and places this very important aspect of your business in the hands of professionals. Boosting your company's online presence can be instrumental in broadening your customer base, attracting more potential investment partners, building a beneficial image in your chosen industry and foster trust and loyalty with clientele.

      02. Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

      In the digital marketplace that consumers rely on most, it matters whether or not you have effective digital content marketing to reach those consumers. Incorporating viable customized SEO strategies to increase visibility online is downright essential for small to medium-sized businesses that are working harder than ever before to compete against the big guys. SEO can help by enhancing your website's speed, readability, aesthetics, and capabilities for reaching your target audience.

      03. Local Businesses

      Even businesses that thrive on patronage from their local communities need to understand how to harness the power of smart, sensible SEO tactics. Online visibility is still a vital aspect of creating a lucrative framework for success. The right SEO consultant can work towards lifting your online presence in relevant search results and bring your business the brand recognition that is all too critical for staying competitive within your local market.

      04. Businesses Ready for International Expansion

      Companies that are eager to expand globally are putting themselves at a distinct disadvantage by doing so without a carefully considered SEO campaign in place. The reason being that a strategy which works in your business's country of origin may not be as effective or even resonate with a wider audience in other markets worldwide. Creating an effective SEO strategy for a global audience could require re-thinking your content, pinpointing the best localized keywords for the markets you intend to enter overseas, and designing an online presence that attracts customers far and wide.

      05. Enterprise Level Businesses

      Companies that have established a trusted brand and a loyal clientele may think they don't need to maintain a wide-ranging SEO strategy in order to remain at the top of their respective industries. Think again. Today's high-tech online marketplace is always evolving and if your company is equipped to evolve with it, then your company's dominance may begin to wane in favor of a competitor that has learned how to implement smart SEO practices to reach your target audience. The key to staying current is through a consistent approach to improving your company's search rankings through organic results and up-to-the-minute data on the efficacy of your campaigns.

      06. E-commerce Companies

      Perhaps the most important companies with whom we often partner are those that conduct the entirely of their business online. Maintaining the highest possible placement in organic search rankings is absolutely critical for achieving success. For these companies, SEO isn't just a necessity but it also requires a very specific approach that is tailored entirely for a business that exists only online. That's why it pays to hire a consultant with the expertise to understand how to attract more traffic to your site and placing your business in front of the customers who are seeking you out.

      Our San Jose SEO Services

      We provide companies big and small, foreign and domestic, with a full range of SEO services that are fully customizable to meet the needs of our clients and the goals they wish to achieve. We offer a suite of services that are designed to provide you with quantifiable results, increase conversions and performance of your company website, and ensure the highest placement in organic search results in all of the most popular search engines.

      Technical SEO

      Technical SEO

      Our experts can help to optimize the many technical facets of your business website so as to make it more amenable to the ranking protocols used by the search engines. These technical facets include proper URL structure and mobile device compatibility, just two of the many important determining factors that are used in assigning site rankings.

      On-Page SEO

      This service analyzes the strength of your on-page SEO as a way to boost the visual content of your website and the HTML source code. The result is a web page that is not just user-friendly but also relevant to a wider range of search queries, both of which are essential to improving your search results ranking.

      Off-Page SEO

      Off-page SEO services target two of the most critical components of today's digital marketing strategies: social media and link building. Building your off-page SEO strategy exploits both of these to demonstrate to the search engines that your site provides real value to users. Only those websites that are deemed valuable and informative are given the greatest consideration for placement at the top of relevant search results pages.

      Content Marketing SEO

      Content Marketing

      A website is only as good as the content it offers to the public. Our content marketing services address this aspect of your online presence by optimizing the validity and strength of the content that users can find on your page. Creating well-written, factually accurate, and highly informative content on your site is another essential part of the search rankings equation. But it's also important to have the proper keywords and phrases that offer the most relevance to your business and having those words and phrases included in your content can make all the difference. Our team of writers will generate the kind of content that the search engines will deem worthy of favorable placement in their rankings, all tailored precisely towards your business and the goods and services you offer.

      Web Development

      There is a myriad of negatives that can affect the placement of your site in search rankings, all of which are working against you in the long run. Perhaps one of the worst of these offenses is having a website that just isn't user-friendly. If the search engines deem that your website is hard to navigate, inaccessible to the common user, and poorly designed, you can bet that site will be relegated to a much lower position on search results pages. Our web development team ensures that your site is ready to be placed at the top of organic results, where it belongs.

      SEO Page Speed Optimization

      Page Speed Optimization

      With so many companies offering high-speed Internet service, there's no excuse for a slow-loading website. Today's user expects any online portal or site to load instantaneously and if your site isn't doing so, you can bet that will negatively impact your search rankings. We can analyze the speed and response times of your company website and give you complete report explaining your site's strengths and weaknesses. From there, we can boost the former and eliminate the latter so your site is scored favorably for search rank position.

      Who We Are

      Our San Jose-based team of SEO experts is made up of highly-skilled professionals with the experience and expertise in creating successful digital marketing campaigns for companies eager to improve their SEO strategies. Today's marketplace is getting tougher to navigate every day, our team is ready to provide your company with the most advanced and innovative SEO campaigns designed to foster business growth and expansion in all fields and industries.

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      Businesses seeking to improve their online presence, strengthen their rankings in the most commonly used search engines, and increase revenue, JH SEO has the experience and the know-how to give your business the boost it needs to compete in the digital marketplace. Talk to our team of SEO experts to help your company reach all of its online marketing objectives. If you are looking for other locations, we have specific location page for San Francisco SEO & San Jose SEO depending on where you are.
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